TEDxAccra April, 2015 - Going against the odds to become an actress 

Once upon a time there was a little African girl
who traveled the seas, she lived allvover the world
she saw the statues, she saw the sculptures
knew different languages, and all about cultures
but no matter where she would go, how near or far
there was always one thing which remained in her heart-
to be a storyteller on stage and on screen
to be an Actor yes, this was her dream
to entertain and educate how hard could it be?
as Joan of Arc, a spy named Kate, Oh the possibilities!
but little did she know, that for this career,
she'd have to do a lot of work to overcome her fear
she'd have to grow a layer of skin, so thick it would not break
her heart and later recognize that she was set apart

"You're not that tall"
"And you're not slim"
"Now about your hair"
"And umm.. that skin?"
were often things that she would hear
in subtle ways, year after year

So what's this little girl to do?
What will she do to make it through?
How can she turn frowns into nods?
How does one go and beat the odds?
For what she dreamt and longed to be
Was looked as an anomaly
Well clearly, this is not a fairytale 

Hello my name is MaameYaa Boafo and I'm an actor
(Autobiographical intro )