Episode 201 "Another Return"


1- "Akwaaba" means "Welcome" in Twi. At the airport about to pick up my cousin Adoma, the latest returnee to Accra, Ghana. ( Bestow Elan shirt, Chemphe Bea skirt and MO SAÏQUE shoes. Bag by Dot Fashions)


2- Dinner and then Salsa dancing with the girls! Kwaku Ananse spider earrings by Tebazile stylist


3-Behind the scenes at the stadium scene with Akosua Hanson who plays cousin Adoma.  (Halter by The Bombchel Factory , Skirt by Chemphe Bea and  MO SAÏQUE shoes, Dots Fashion purse provided by stylist Afua Rida )

4. Seeing cousin  Adoma off at the STC transport to Kumasi

Shirt  Ajepomaa  Purse   Anago  Pants personal

Shirt Ajepomaa Purse  Anago Pants personal